Hobo 3 Wanted

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Hobo 3 Wanted

Hobo 3 Wanted Game

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Hobo escaped from prison a few days later, the Government issued arrest warrants to dangerous people wanted him, regardless of life and death, it appears as if a wicked bad Super Smash Brothers is unavoidable. This is a Hobo 3 Wanted, a nausea-themed action game, the player to operate tramp Hobo Street Super Smash Brothers. Since it is a game dominated by nausea, in addition to kicking outside has very basic skills, of course, a total of nine: spit, snot spraying, halitosis, farting, spitting and spray feces, urine, vomit or feces hug, are very much in line with tramp attack, and this time also added three new skills. The aim of the game is to see people on the flat, as long as it is moving can be compressed, passersby were disgusted attack to look very funny! Games a total of three more difficult to challenge.

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