Asgard Attack

  • Select unit
    Drag a box to select heroes
    Double to select similar units
    Select warriors/archers...
    Move units
Asgard Attack

Asgard Attack Game

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This "Asgard Attack" from Norse mythology, is a funny mouse control of the guard tower game, players will be fighting through calls and strategy, and menacing enemies played the last game! The way the game is a bit like strategy games in General, and to match the keyboard to control the mouse team. Each character can upgrade actions, also can be used for a wide range of complementary skills. Early in the game is fairly simple, but as the enemy after the increase in the number of players will assign teams for a more effective attack strategy.
Players there are 4 basic types of heroes, they are warriors, ice Mage, Archer and the priest.
By upgrading their weapons, armor, and skills to improve combat effectiveness, when upgraded to the highest level, they can advance to God!
Soldiers advanced to the God of tyre and the Thunder God Thor.
Archers advanced to the forest goddess Vidal and the goddess of night Nott.
Ice Mage prestige as the God of winter Uhler and Odin, the father of the gods.
Priests advanced life for the love bud Alex and the goddess frigga.
Each God has its own new skills, so there will be lots of ways to upgrade your units, combined to make different strategies.
Outside of battle, players will also need to build the homes. Different constructions have different functions, can help the player to more easily after the upgrades to win this war.

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