War Heroes

  • Build soldiers
    Use special attack
    Buy upgrades
War Heroes

War Heroes Game

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Intrusion alert! A forces attacking us in the jungle headquarters of the front-line fighting is fierce, straight to our command of that force, presumably trying to undermine the morale of our front-line soldiers, army ready for battle.
War Heroes, game points is divided into battle and survival two a mode, completed battle and survival mode are can get stars award, get of stars can upgrade we of fortifications property, survival mode need completed battle mode of difficult level to solutions lock, survival mode in only a wave enemy, and part fortifications type will was lock, but enemy also is will stream of rushed to we of command.
We of fortifications, fortifications is divided into four species: barracks, and guard tower, and machine gun hand and grenade hand, each species fortifications will with battle mode of advance solutions lock upgrade into new of into order fortifications, each into order fortifications can rose two level, into order and upgrade Hou of fortifications property has is big of improve, four species fortifications need mutual assist to reached better of combat effect, specific situation according to battle and set.

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